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Logo of Young Mothers' Guild
 The Young Mothers' Guild
Founded on 14th June1972
by Thomas Hunter

Thomas Hunter, who originated from Birtley, came to the parish as a Deacon and saw the need for young mothers to come together and meet as a group. He called a meeting on 14th June 1972 and 7 ladies were present. From then on 'The Young Mothers' Guild' flourished.

In the beginning the meetings were held in the old parish hall and members took part in various activities e.g. arranging guest speakers, visits to local attractions, fund raising for charity, trips to the beach, Christmas parties and pantomimes for the children. Once a month we went to the CMS Club for the evening.

When the Parish Centre was refurbished, we began to have our meetings in the meeting room of the Parish Centre. We celebrated our 20th and 25th Anniversaries in the Parish Centre and welcomed many guests, mainly former members.

We still enjoy trips out, eating out, learning new skills, visiting new local attractions, going to the cinema or theatre and an annual weekend away in November. In addition we raise a fair amount of money each year for charity through enjoyable fund raising activities, such as bargain fashion shows.

Although many of us are now Grandmothers, we still have a lot in common and enjoy each others company on Wednesday nights.

So if there are any "Young at Heart Mothers" out there who would like to join us on a Wednesday evening, you will be made most welcome. Our Group (15 - 20) has no formal requirements or obligations and is inter-denominational.

Alternatively, if there are "Mothers of Young Children" in the Parish who would like to start up a similar group of their own, we would be pleased to offer any help or advice you may require. We have almost 30 years of "happy memories" and each one of us has received support from the group in difficult periods of our lives.

Don't let this opportunity go by - why not give it a go?

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