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on Saturday 13th October 2012 in the Parish Centre of St Joseph's of Birtley.
Photographs 1 - 18 below are courtesy of Helen Jobson
Photographs a - l below are courtesy of Pam Collins

My grateful thanks to Lucy Rutherford & Catherine Tumelty for putting names to faces.
Please click here: birtleystjoseph@btinternet.com to email Kevin Jobson, if anything needs amending?

Photo 1 - Piety Stall (l-r): Helen Newton, Pam Collins, Margaret Lee. Photo 2 - Books & Toy Stall run by Louise Cree and her Mum Wyn Thompsan. (l-r): Louise Cree, Pat Gaff, Lillian Sainsbury.
Photo 3 - Books & Toy Stall (l-r): Pat Gaff, ?, Lillian Sainsbury. Photo 4 - Haberdashery Stall (l-r): Peggy Finnegan & Jean Greenwood.

Photo 5 - (l-r): Nancy Loughlin & Margaret Hattam

Photo 6 Confectionery Stall (l-r):  Ursula Jobson, Joan Anderson & Olga Towns.
Photo 7 - Raffle Prize Stall (l-r): Brian Towns Jr & Joanne Lawton. Photo 8 - Raffle Prize Stall (l-r): Joanne Lawton & Brian Towns Sr
Photo 9 - Cakes Stall (l-r): Pauline Lavery, ?, Ursula Jobson, Olga Towns.  Photo 10 - £1 Envelope Draw Stall: Catherine Barrett with the 'Golden Box'.
Photo 11 - Crafts Stall (l-r): Allison Tyrell-Scott, Ann Tyrrell (back to camera), & Brenda Dryden. Photo 12 - Crafts Stall (l-r): Allison Tyrell-Scott, Ann Tyrell, Eunice Ford.
Photo 13 - Cakes Stall (l-r): Niamh Newton, Ursula Jobson & Olga Towns.  Photo 14 - Tony Carey announcing the Raffle Winners.
Photo 15 (l-r): Fr Tony Duffy, ?, ?, and Tony Carey announcing the Raffle Winners. Photo 16 - Piety Stall (l-r): Margaret Lee & Pam Collins.
Photo 17 (l-r): Fr Tony wants the bag of 'goodies' but Christine Johnson won't let him take it ...... No! No! ... Fr Tony is drawing the £1 Envelope Winner (The winner received £172). Photo 18 (l-r): Fr Tony & Kevin Jobson discussing the finer merits of cameras & photography, I think!
Photographs a - l below courtesy of Pam Collins
Photo a. - Candy Floss Stall (l-r): - 'Mr Candy & Mrs Floss' aka Teresa & Joe Brooks . Photo b. - Tombola Stall (l-r): Susan Petit, Eileen Coates & Catherine Tumelty.
Photo c. - Picture Stall (l-r): Joe Lawton & Tony Magnay. Photo d. - Piety Stall (l-r):  Margaret Lee & Pam Collins.
Photo e. - Books & Toy Stall (l-r): Niamh Newton, Wyn Thompson, Louise & Neve Cree, Kate Kennedy. Photo f. - Haberdashery Stall (l-r): Nancy Loughlin & Margaret Hattam, Peggy Finnegan & Jean Greenwood.
Photo g. Crafts Stall (l-r): Ann Tyrrell & Allison Tyrell-Scott Photo h. - Bottle Stall (l-r): Gloria Davey & Eunice Ford

Photo i. - Cakes Stall (l-r):  Ursula Jobson, Olga Towns & Joan Anderson

Photo j. - Raffle Stall: Brian Towns 'guarding' the prizes!
Photo k. - Cuddly Toy Stall (L-r): Lilian Sainsbury & Pat Gaff Photo l. - £1 Envelope Draw Stall (l-r): 'manned by' Catherine Barrett & Christine Johnson
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