Christian Celtic Cross (18Kb)

(Part of the St Benedict Partnership of Parishes)

Parish Priest: Rev. Anthony Duffy.
Deacon: Rev. Peter Lavery.

Birtley Lane, Birtley, Tyne & Wear DH3 1LJ.
Telephone: (0191) 410 2923. Facsimile: (0191) 410 5843.

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1st Week of Easter
  •  Mass times shown below are subject to change, so please check the weekly parish bulletin or telephone Deacon Peter Lavery on: (0191) 410 2530 to confirm.
  •  Funeral Announcements - if the correct details are not shown below, please inform the Webmaster by telephone: (0191) 410 9852 or email the Webmaster at:
  • DAY
    Monday - 2nd April 2018  
    Tuesday   7.00 pm - Holy Mass - Edmund & Rosanna Booth.
    Wednesday 9.00 am - Holy Mass - at St Benet's School - Agnes McGraham.
    Thursday 12.05 (Noon) - Holy Mass - Denis Welsh.
    Friday 9.00 am - Holy Mass - Carmel Baggon.
    Saturday 8.30  pm - Vigil Mass - Alex Gilfillan.
    Sunday 8.15 am - Holy Mass - People of the Parish.
      10.00 am - Holy Mass - C & A Topping.

    In addition to Saturday (11.00 am - 12.00 noon here in St Joseph's),  
    Reconciliation is also readily available at various parishes in the area -
    please see the notice at the back of Church for further details.

    Please see the web site 'Events' page and the Parish Bulletin for details of other services & parish activities during the week.
    'A Prayer Before Holy Mass'
    May the almighty and merciful Lord grant us
    joy and peace,
    amendment of life,
    room for true repentance,
    the grace and comfort of the Holy Spirit,
    and perserverance in good works.

    Creator God,

    who made the beautiful world,
    appointed us as its Guardians,
    and gifted us with everything we need,

    forgive us

    for the times we cause it harm,
    for the times our way of life,
    affects our neighbours.

    inspire us

    to care for the environment,
    to help rebuild lives and communities,
    to share in the grief and anxieties,
    joys and hopes of all your people,
    so that all your creation may flourish.



    Location of St Joseph's Church is marked by a red star
    Location St Joseph's RC Church  (11Kb)
    map provided courtesy of mapquest
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