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PO Box 11, Walsingham, Norfolk NR22 6EH.
Registered Charity No 1013634
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Father Peter Walters with some of the street children. (39Kb)

Care For The Children Of The Streets
Let The Children Live is a registered charity through which people can respond to help the needs of the street-children in Colombia and beyond.
It is a Christian Foundation, and it aims both safeguard the lives of the children from the violence and poverty of the streets, and to make their lives worth living by giving them love, education and a future.
Let The Children Live was founded by Father Peter Walters, pictured above, who became involved with the street children in 1982. when they helped him when he became temporarily stranded in Colombia. Since then he has gained first-hand knowledge of the problems of the gamines and of the work being done to help them. He now lives in Medellin but continues to make regular visits to Britain to raise fundes for 'Let The Children Live!'
Father Peter confirms, "The Colombians themselves are taking the lead in the campaign to help the street-children". He goes on to say, "They are doing excellent work with their limited resources but they need support from abroad to continue and expand it. Because the gamines have no-one, they really belong to us all. Unless we help them, these children will remain 'disposable ones'; throw away kids with no future at all".
Father Peter Walters welcomes invitations to come to speak to parishes, schools and other interested groups.
They are called 'The Gamines' the 'disposable ones', the children who live - and sometimes die - in the streets and the rubbish dumps of the cities of Colombia in South America. These'gamines' range from six year olds to teenagers, and they are often unloved, unwanted, beaten, robbed, abused, raped and murdered.
Although the Colombians are generally a kind and generous people, crime related to the cocaine traffic has made cities like Medillin amongst the most violent in the world. In the poverty and squalor of the shanty towns, families tend to disintegrate and many children find themselves on the streets.
They have to survive as best they can but they easily fall prey to violence and abuse. Many of the street-children sniff glue as an escape from pain, hunger and lonliness.
The North of England Branch
St Joseph's of Birtley, Tyne & Wear DH3 1LJ.
 Secretary:  Mr B Towns Jr (Telephone: 0191-416 4232)
 Assistant Secretary:  Mr B Towns Sr
 Treasurer: Mrs M Seddon
Promotions: Mr A Carey
Member: Mrs E Fenton
Chaplain: Father A Duffy
Let The Children Live!
If you would like to contribute to this very worthy cause......
Please contact our Secretary.

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